When you work with us, we pave the way for lasting change.

We’ve found that as people start trying to change their behavior, the process of finding and creating new habits can be rocky. Our services help companies make successful and lasting changes. These services fall into four categories that complement each other (see graph):

Leadership Development

You are a leader because you have risen to the top in your field of expertise, and you know that to reach the next level in your career, you need to master the ‘soft’ skills required to lead other people. We can help you enhance your leadership presence and improve your communication, influencing and negotiation skills.

Are you ready to make a bigger impact on your teams, on senior management and on how others perceive you?

Maximize your leadership impact so that you can get the best out of your teams and partnerships, and at the same time feel highly motivated and in the flow. The services we offer under leadership development include:

  • Exercising influenceTM
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Leadership transitions
  • Leadership presence
  • Leadership Circle - 360 assessment

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Team Alignment/Employee Engagement

You have a great team, but they’re not quite performing at their potential. They don’t gel as well as they could or they are not as engaged as you would expect. You want to improve their effectiveness and engagement by aligning them to a common vision and working with a proven methodology that delivers results.

What would it feel like if your team had a common goal, was aligned and worked smoothly towards achieving it?

The services we offer under team alignment / employee engagement include:

  • Team navigation/alignment
  • NEWSTM Experience workshop
  • Engage and mobilize employees

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Executive Coaching

You are accountable for highly complex decisions in your company and it can feel stressful and overwhelming at times. You are ready to engage in conversations that will provide you with more support, improve your performance and help you retain key talents in the organization. By working with a coach, we will shed light into your strengths; weaknesses and how you can enhance the impact you have on others while becoming a better leader.

The coaching services we offer include:

  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching

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Customer Experience Management (CEM+)

You know that your company could be more profitable and grow at a faster rate, and the company could do a better job of retaining clients. In order to achieve these results, you need to understand the key drivers of loyalty while working on the gap between your customers’ expectations and your current delivery.

The CEM+ services we offer are:

  • CEM+ Survey
  • CEM+ Consultancy

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